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[Verse 1: Berna] Man ah got a couple bangers on my desktop She gave me hatters in the office, call it desk top I'm fucking bitches for the fun, I ain't trying to have a son But I'm taking off my clothes if it gets hot She want a CD like a PC But my Floppy Disk won't get hard, so I can't cum And her fat friend's trying to CB, so I had to send a message out like a BC They better run away now, 'cause the champ's come I got them scratching on their scalps, no dandruff I got the call on my phone like Sam's in the station, had to throw my Nokia because Sam sung I had to bang that snitch for the one time The trap line don't ring like my fraud line I'm trying to stack my Ps up, I need more time There's no Skrapz in my hood, we just bang Nines Fuck with the fam, I'll let 2 fly I'm no average Joe, man I do grind AC's getting hot, no 16 Plus man ah fuck with 18s, that's 2 9s Man ah love a browing, no dumb sket I didn't have to dress up to make her undress Man ah got a white ting from Brentwood And she gonna take the wood after one text One text is all that I need Two chicks in my bed, of course I'm a beat 3 trips to one girl's crib in a week Squares, so you know the whole team's gonna eat 5 star to the girl that's down on her knees 6 side, fuck that, there's beef on the free 7 man rolled up trying to stain for my P 8 of my dargs ran through 'cause they're on grease Man ah grinding for the dough 'til the night's done My enemies like TV, I will Sky One In my hood you get sucked like a hoover You better hand over the P or you'll die, son You better hand over the P before it gets peak See some pussy niggas watching 'cause they envy I got some pussy on my line, trying to buck me She don't care about A BC, she just want D I bucked your chick, I gave her dick No urinal, I take the piss All my niggas know it's get money I hit the belly, feed the clique Damn right, Berna's hard They look at me like I'm a God You pussy niggas act like bitches Could someone get a tampon?

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Hello Irina I must begin by telling you sorry about not writing my letter sooner to you.

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Helder Pessa Camara, who was the second youngest of 13 children, was born in the port of Fortaleza in the north-east of Brazil in 1909.

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On occasion, the role would be reversed (one bachelor, three bachelorettes).

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The RFC office will be closed on August 3-4 so that we can host our grantees for an off-site Gathering.

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A dam in the village of Solaiyur, which is the lifeline of that village is under assessment for structural integrity by the Public Works Department.

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It is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global businesses that are looking for an enhanced experience with the most powerful communication and collaboration tool available.

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We offer teens of any age an online portal for chatting with old friends and discovering new ones from around the world.

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It is the forced sexual contact by someone the victim is or has been dating.

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Uploaded.net: 35 GB per day Rapidgator.net: 27 GB per day.

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Four Corners also reveals there's a growing body of evidence that shows a link between binge drinking and brain damage. PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Again, just standing on that right knee... I don't feel sorry for him that way, darling, because he's done terrible things to us.

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Maybe you occasionally ask for his advice and let him open the pickle jar. Look back on previous relationships (short or long) and answer these questions: If you are surrounded by buddies…if men only want to use you or take from you, or you’re completely man-less…listen up! Have you had the experience of always being the giver?

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Read on for a list of nine obstacles you may encounter, and a breakdown of policies by rental car agencies. Expect the rental car company to lock up the entire rental amount in advance, plus put a hold on your account for up to 0. Many rental car companies will run an automatic credit check on anyone hoping to rent a car using a debit card. If you can offer a credit card as well, that will always be acceptable. Thrifty has the same policy for off-airport locations. Generally speaking, rental car agencies are happy to take your money in whatever form you offer. Check the debit card policies at your rental car location. The first is to look up the policies online, by clicking on the “locations” tab on the rental car site, finding the location where you plan to rent, and then clicking on the faint, small print at the bottom, which will lead you to the details of that location’s policy. To be certain, however, that you arrive properly prepared to rent the car of your choice, it is best to call the location itself and nail down every detail.