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has dominated academic philosophy in various regions, most notably Great Britain and the United States, since the early twentieth century.It originated around the turn of the twentieth century as G. Moore and Bertrand Russell broke away from what was then the dominant school in the British universities, Absolute Idealism.The substance of Sufism is the Truth and the meaning of Sufism is the selfless experiencing and actualization of the Truth.The practice of Sufism is the intention to go towards the Truth, by means of love and devotion.They deal with the important issues to do with God, Cosmic Origins, Ultimate Conclusions, Purpose and Destiny.They derive from humankind’s quest to answer the big questions concerning the nature of the divine, the nature of reality, the human condition, higher powers and our relationship to those higher powers, they deal with the meaning of life. Why do modern myths such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Dune Trilogy or the Matrix Movies; have such a powerful and profound effect on people? And all through the history of humankind why have myths been stories of such central importance to their respective cultures and which have held them in such high regard?What is the meaning of Myth, their significance and purpose? The word Mythology derives from the Greek word ‘mythos’, which means story.

In a sense, Myths are stories that talk about the higher things and the more profound subject matters.The absurd man as actor is not content simply to observe and imagine lives different from his own; he insists on living them.The actor compresses the intensity and variety of a great many lives into the span of his career.As necessitated by love's jealousy, the sufi is taken away from all except the Truth. Javad Nurbakhsh, Master of the Nimatullahi Sufi order with his heir and successor, Dr.Alireza Nurbakhsh in two full 40 minute presentations from his last public interviews, conducted in March, 2008.

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De viser ikke tilbake på en bestemt person, et bestemt dyr eller en bestemt ting (« Slik 1. reglene for norsk typografi, angir mellomrom før og etter skråstrek at skråstreken gjelder for *leddene* før og etter, mens skråstrek uten mellomrom før og etter, angir at skråstreken gjelder kun for *orden* før og etter.

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It does not contain any practice exercises or sound files as many of these can be found in other text books and internet.